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20% Forex Loyalty Bonus for every following invest! Forex Loyalty Bonus is perfect for those who want to invest and earn serious profits in Forex Trading Market.

Link: 20% Forex Loyalty Deposit Bonus

Bonus Ending Date: 31 December 2014

Available to: For All clients

Bonus Offre: 20% Forex Loyalty Deposit Bonus

How to receive your 20% Forex Loyalty Deposit Bonus:

 Deposit funds in your trading account

 Send an email to [email protected] that you accept the

20% Forex Loyalty Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

Every client that makes a Deposit is eligible to request up to 100% Forex Welcome Bonus on initial deposit, 20% Loyalty Bonus on every following consecutive Net Deposit, and extra Refferial Bonus.

The Bonus is provided upon client’s request after funds have been deposited and before making any trade, within one working day.

Maximum Bonus amount on all of the individual forex client’s accounts cannot be more than 10.000 EURO.

To withdraw the Bonus from your Forex trading account you need to make transactions (number of lots) during first six month after deposit in the amount of: {bonus sum} /10 = {number of lots}

Example: You receive € 1000 forex bonus. To withdraw the received forex deposit bonus, you need to make a transaction € 1000 / 10 = 100 lots (only closed deals are taken into account) during six months after deposit.

Once a bonus account conditions have been fully met and fulfilled, the bonus and profit are free from any limitations.

It is important to note that any bonuses granted are nullified upon withdrawal of funds.

Participating accounts will be unable to withdraw any funds for a period of thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the Initial Deposit.


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