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$200 No Deposit Bonus Test Us Out For Traders and Speculators. We Offer Four $50 No Deposit Bonuses for you to use in order to be familiar with us. Caesar Trade Special Four $50 Free No Deposit Bonuses for you to use in order to be familiar with us.

1) $50 No Deposit Bonus (Test Us Out!)

As a service to many traders we offer this in place of a practice account

with the added benefit of real execution and 

the potential of profiting as well.

For the $50 "Test Us" Out Bonus 

Link:  We require that you register HERE

All support related questions should be addressed to: [email protected]

2) Additional $50 Bonus when you "Like Us" on Facebook

Facebook has been a strong source of our growth and success 

as many traders use it as a gathering place to gain information.

Our Page has timely trading information and great offers from our company

that you can you use for your benefit.

For the $50 "Like Us" Bonus on Facebook 

1.  Please go to: www.facebook.com/caesartrade and "Like Us"

2.  For quicker response, send a screen image of your "Liking Us" to: [email protected]

3) Additional $50 Bonus when you Register for our Trading Forum

This is a full service forum concerning trading from the beginner to the more experienced trader.

It also has Offers and Contests and information on trading with us. 

For the $50 Bonus for Registering on our Trading Forum

1.  Please visit our forum and register there (you can even use your Facebook account): http://forum.caesartrade.com

2.  For quicker response, send a screen image of confirmation to: [email protected]

4) Additional $50 Bonus when you "Follow Us" on Twitter

We send out a lot of information via Email and SMS about trading ideas, signals,

and great promotions we offer.  

For the $50 "Follow Us" Bonus for Twitter 

1.  To get started, "Follow Us" at www.twitter.com/Caesartrade

2.  For quicker response, send a screen image of "Following Us" to: [email protected]

The terms of the bonus are below:

1) We require valid documents: Photo Id and Proof of Address

2) Profits and Bonus can be redeemed after 25 Lots are Traded for every $50 issued.

3) If you lose your bonus, and make a deposit in a regular account, you are still entitled to our welcome bonus

4) One bonus per household

5) The company has the right to cancel the bonus received by a client earlier without giving any reasons and/or advance notice, as well as cancel all transactions made using this bonus.

6) Without a deposit, the bonus expires in 3 months


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