50% Forex Welcome Bonus For Their First Deposit - GLXBrokers


Get Your 50% Forex Welcome Deposit Bonus. 50% Forex Welcome Bonus only given for new account for their first deposit

Link: 50% Forex Welcome Bonus

Bonus offer: 50% Forex Welcome Bonus

Available to: All new Account

Ending Date: 31 December 2015

50% Welcome Bonus Terms and Condition :

  • Welcome bonus must be applied through our live chat or email us at [email protected]
  • GLXBrokers reserves the right to refuse your Welcome bonus apllication and without the reason of rejection
  • Welcome bonus can only be credited to verified account and will be listed as credit in the account
  • Welcome bonus only given for new account for their first deposit
  • Welcome bonus can be used for trading and hold the position for each transaction and all profit generated using the welcome bonus can be withdrawn
  • Each account can cancel their Welcome bonus at any time, but once canceled, Welcome bonus can not be recovered again
  • Welcome bonus promotion cannot be combined with other promotions
  • Welcome bonus automatically reduced proportionately if the account withdraw their fund. For example Account deposit US $ 1000 to get US $ 500, the event of withdrawal of US $ 500, automaticly we will withdraw your welcome bonus for US $ 250
  • Welcome bonus can be withdraw if the account has breach the minimum volume of transactions with the formula (Total Bonus) / 2. For example you make  deposit of US $ 100, then your bonus can be withdrawn after trading US $ 100x50% = US $ 50/2 = 25 Lot
  • GLXBrokers reserves the right to cancel the Welcome bonus without prior notice in the event of trading activity beyond reasonable and use the bonus exceeds the account funds are available, please do not use the Welcome bonus in the calculation of the profit strategy, GLXBrokers not responsible for the consequences of cancellation of bonuses including STOP OUT, all own risk responsibility of Accounts


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