Crack the Lucky Number with ATFX to Receive the Bonus


Gain an opportunity to break the winning number and obtain a valuable reward by joining the ATFX Jackpot. Find out more about the thrilling weekly jackpot and how to enter to boost the chances of success.

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Kick off your 2024 in style and win the Weekly Jackpot of $3,000! All you have to do is trade and match the closing price of the week, and you'll be rewarded with an additional bonus. Don't miss this opportunity to bring good fortune into the new year!

Fill out this application to take part and have the chance to win the ATFX Jackpot

The ATFX Jackpot promotion will be available for 13 weeks until the 31st of March, providing everyone with a great opportunity to win!

2024 ATFX Jackpot

If you're an ATFX customer with a MT4 account on the "ATFXGM8-Live" Server, which needs to be opened before the campaign period, you're eligible to participate.

When trading, orders of at least 0.1 lots can be applied for the campaign.

A total of 13 weeks of the promotion are available, each with a Jackpot bonus of US$3,000 to be shared among all winners. The winners are determined by the comparison of the Closing Price of each trade with the Lucky Number given on ATFX's social media channels and the amount of bonus for each week varies based on the total number of winners. If there are no winners for a particular week, the bonus amount is carried forward to the following week.

Each Wednesday, the successful participants will be notified through an email. To redeem their award, they must answer within 5 days by making a 15-second video of their joy in winning and expressing a positive remark regarding ATFX. If there is no response, they will forgo the prize.

The prize money is sent to the successful participant's MT4 account within a week of the video submission.

The ATFX Jackpot gives you an opportunity to hit the bullseye and gain generous rewards. Don't miss out and take part in the weekly draw to increase your chances of becoming a big winner.

Be a Part of the ATFX Prize Pool and Have a Shot at the Jackpot


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