Enjoy an Exciting Bonus of $50 with No Deposit Required


The Welcome Trading Bonus is an excellent offer that allows you to receive a $50 No Deposit Bonus and potentially earn profits that can be withdrawn by meeting certain conditions.

Connecting Link to Receive Forex Welcome Trading Bonus of $50 with No Deposit Required Click here to access the welcome account.

Here is an overview of the details for the Trading Bonus Welcome:

The Welcome Trading Bonus offered by OXShare is aimed at attracting new customers by providing a $50 bonus upon opening their first real account with a minimum deposit of $5. This bonus cannot be withdrawn, but it offers a risk-free opportunity for users to try out OXShare's products and services. Profits can be withdrawn, but this is subject to specific terms and conditions. This promotion is only available for new OXShare account holders. In addition, OXShare offers appealing advantages such as low spreads, leverage, daily analysis, zero commission, strong support, and educational resources. The convenience of trading on your phone is further enhanced with access to over 1000 instruments on the MT5-compatible platform. Users can take control of their account, analyze charts, and utilize the renowned MetaTrader for confident trading on 60 global exchanges and CFDs.

Benefits of the Welcome Bonus

  • Get a trading bonus of 50 USD
  • Utilize a versatile trading platform
  • Access a variety of trading tools
  • Take advantage of multiple educational resources for trading
  • Withdraw your profits with ease

Steps to Join the No Deposit Forex Bonus

  • Register for a broker's account
  • Confirm your trading account with accurate details
  • Deposit $5 to activate the account
  • Receive the Bonus and Begin your trading
  • Earn profits and withdraw them by meeting various requirements

OXShare's Rules and Regulations for Trading Bonus Welcome

  1. Expert Advisors (EAs) are not permitted in Welcome Accounts.
  2. Customers who are already registered cannot apply for a welcome account.
  3. Each client is limited to one welcome account.
  4. The welcome account has the same conditions as a real account.
  5. The bonus account is valid for 30 days, after which trading is disabled. However, the account can be used for 3 days to claim profits.
  6. The Welcome Account is only available in USD.
  7. After registration, the account will be automatically created and login details will be sent to the provided email.
  8. The initial free $50 deposit will be automatically credited to the Welcome Account.
  9. OXShare reserves the right to refuse the bonus or block the account if there are signs of the same person owning multiple welcome accounts.
  10. The initial deposit cannot be withdrawn from the Welcome Account.
  11. The minimum profit withdrawal limit is $150 and a deposit of $5 is required to initiate a withdrawal.
  12. Only one request is allowed to transfer profits from the welcome account to the client's wallet.
  13. To transfer profits:
  14. A. Register a customer area account with the same information.
  15. B. Submit the required identification documents.
  16. C. After starting 10 lots, send an email to [email protected] for bonus eligibility.
  17. D. Confirm the withdrawal via email after reaching 10 lots.
  18. E. Third-party deposits are not allowed and the bonus will be canceled if detected.
  19. F. After profit transfer, the Welcome Account will be disabled.
  20. G. Lots will only be calculated for forex, gold, and oil.
  21. H. Profits will be credited to OXShare's wallet and can be withdrawn instantly using the available options.
  22. I. Profits will be nullified if incorrect information was provided during registration.
  23. J. Deposits are not possible into the Welcome Account.
  24. K. OXShare reserves the right to disqualify for suspected misuse or abuse.
  25. L. Hedging and scalping are not allowed.
  26. Using price flow failures for guaranteed profit is considered abuse.
  27. OXShare reserves the right to change or cancel the campaign at any time.


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