Abshire-Smith Release VertexFX 10.2 (VertexFX 10 Complete Trading Suite)


bshire Smith is excited to announce that we have released the VertexFX platform update 10.2 for our clients to trade spot FX and CFDs. Abshire Smith is an announced liquidity provider for the leading trading platform, sourcing a mixture of bank and non bank liquidity to meet the needs of both retail and institutional clients.

The update includes:

§  Ability to load custom styles for the system, from now any client can load any custom ULF by importing the ".vfxstyles" file, or any other ".msstyles" file, which will color the entire system.

§  Enhanced the popup message that appears when new email received, by making it open the mail directly when clicked on the button, instead of going to Mailbox.

§  Saving the chart's template will save the built in indicators as well as the Custom Indicators and the running scripts, to be used on any other chart when applying the template to it.

§  When you close the system, it will save the chart's built in indicators, as well as the Custom Indicators and the running scripts to be run on the next system launch.

§  Added the ability to add a comment to the Orders/Positions.

§  Added shortcuts for Buy (Ctrl + B), Sell (Ctrl + S), Close (Ctrl + C), and Close by Hedge (Ctrl + H) in the one click screen.

Please note that for current users of the VertexFX 10 trading suite, the update will happen automatically when you next open the desktop client end. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact us.

To open a live trading account, complete the online application on our website.

Please view Hybrid Solutions website for the full release details.


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