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Dear Clients and Partners!

We’re informing you that several articles of our Client Agreement have been changed:

  • Article 7.5 has been modified. It shall be reworded as follows:

  • When processing Client’s order in Instant Execution mode, the price quoted in the order is compared with the current price. If the order can be executed at the current price, it will be executed. If the current price has changed, the Company has the right to decline this order (in this case, Client receives "Off Quotes" message) or offer to execute the order at new price ("Requote"). Client has 3 seconds to accept new price or cancel resending the order. Agreeing to "Requote" doesn’t guarantee that the transaction will be made, it only means that the order will be resent at the newly offered price.

  • Article 14.9 and sub article 14.9.1 have been added. These articles are intended to define the actions of the Company in case of excessive intensity of queries from the Client’s terminal, and shall be as follows:

  • The Client agrees that intensity of sending trading queries from his terminal to the Company’s server mustn’t create an overload, which interferes with the execution of other Clients' orders.

    The Company has the right to stop processing the Client’s orders in case of flagrant and constant violation of article 14.9 by the Client.

All these changes in the Client Agreement are effective as of January 30th, 2014, 12 am (server time). Please, take into account this information when planning your trading activity.



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