FBS company has won the “Best Forex Brand, Asia title


We are glad to share truly tremendous news with you! FBS company has been named the “Best Forex Brand, Asia” 2014! This fabulous award was given to us by the world famous Global Brands Magazine.

This reputable organization annually awards key companies of the planet, based on independent research. Today this significant award was for the first time granted to FBS. That is to say, we are now in the top of the best brands of the world!

Moreover, with this award, the list of FBS nominations has added another title – best brand.

This speaks of the company’s recognition, popularity and singularity. FBS is known to all Asian traders and we are doing everything possible to make this brand popular everywhere! The incredible award is a sign that we are on the right track.

By the end of the sixth year of activity, FBS has gained love and loyalty of international organizations, received a great number of awards, positive feedback and, at last, become the best brand! Such success knows no equal! And we believe that our effort will let us become the best not only in the vast Asian region, but also all over the world!

To become a favorite company of hundreds of thousands of people is a remarkable achievement and everyday work that cannot but be noticed. Now FBS heads the list of the best of the best! Global Brands Magazine has rewarded us and included us in the top of the most successful financial organizations that have conquered the world. We are happy to compliment all our clients with this award as well – you have made the right choice!

This award was granted in other categories to world famous brands such as Microsoft, Versace, Samsung, Hilton, Gucci, Rolex and Deutsche Bank!

Global Brands Magazine is a leading English publication specializing on information about different international brands. Opinion of this British magazine is valued by the world’s biggest authorities. Every year GBM chooses the best companies in finance, education, technology, and services, based on a number of researches and independent evaluation, and gives them prestigious awards.


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