FreshForex in 3 reasons to open Swap Free trading accounts


We are glad to inform you that a new option is available for you now Swap Free or Islamic account. Trade without swaps and obtain even more profit!

What makes Swap Free advantageous?

  • commission $5 per 1 lot
    Special terms: one of the lowest commissions on the market including metals and energies.
  •  fixed costs on long term trading
    Swap is tied to the interest rates and upon a rollover a significant amount can be deducted from deposit. Working on Swap Free account, you may prepare your plan on costs in advance.
  • complies with the Shariah
    According to the religious laws, Muslim traders are not allowed to pay or receive swap. With Islamic accounts, you are no longer restricted by this rule, because swap is changed to fixed commission.

You can find more details about Swap Free service and instruction on its activation on our website.

Please pay attention that relevant changes were made in 4.10 and 4.11 of the “Client agreement”. New version of the “Client agreement” is available in “Documents” section of the website.


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