FXOpen Presents Video Tutorials on Forex Trading


FXOpen video tutorials

FXOpen is pleased to offer video tutorials on Forex trading. They are now available within the ForexCup project alongside existing valuable information for the seasoned, highly skilled professionals. This is also a great resource for the company’s clients who are new to Forex and would like to study the trading basics.

Some of materials at your disposal are:

· Forex trading

· The basics of technical and fundamental market analysis

· Trading psychology

· Forex strategies for experienced traders.

To access the video tutorials, please register at ForexCup.com. Select the required language from the list, choose the topic, and enter the required fields. Aside from solid theories, there are tests offered to assess your comprehension.

FXOpen is currently developing a special mobile app to make Forex studies easier, more convenient, and accessible. Wait for its launch announcement later this year.

Follow the company’s newsfeed and discussion on the FXOpen Forum.

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