Get Up to 111% Withdrawn Bonus On Your Deposit - Nova FX


Get up to 111% Withdrawn bonus on deposits up to $500. Offer ends 31st January 2015

Link:  111% Withdrawn Bonus On Your Deposit

Available to:  All new customers

Bonus Ending Date: 31 January 2015

Bonus offer: 111% Withdrawn Bonus On Your Deposit

Withdrawal conditions

Funds can be withdrawn from the account at any time, except the amount of the bonus, providing the account does not have any open positions at the time.

The amount of the bonus (plus of course any profit from trading activity) may be withdrawn providing that the customer has made a number of trades, total amount of which is equal the amount of the bonus divided by 10, within a period of 2 calendar months from the day the bonus is credited into the account.

For example, if the bonus was $50, total volume of trades made by the client must be equal to 5 lots. If the bonus was $1000 – the volume of trades must be equal to 100 lots.

When calculating the necessary volume of trades, hedging trades (opposite trades opened in order to hedge own positions) are not taken into the account.

If any amount is withdrawn from the account before the conditions are completed, the bonus amount is cancelled.


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