HiWayFX Broker Christmas Boost Partner Competition


The Competition works based on points. The IB Partner who earns the most points by the end of December 2014 will win 1st place rewards $1200, the 2nd place rewards you with $600 and the 3rd place with $400.

Link: HiWayFX Broker Christmas Boost Partner Competition

Date: 31 December 2014

Available to: All IB Partner Account

Christmas Booster Terms & Conditions

1.Any existing or new Introducing Broker (IB)/partner of HiWayFX may participate in the contest.

2.A partner may enter the contest at any time between December 01 2014 00:01 ECN + 2 and December 31, 2014 22:00 ECN +2.

3.In order to participate a user must first register as an IB with HiWayFX. Approved IBs can enter the competition via the Partner Desktop on myHiWayFX area.

4.Upon the expiration of the promotion the three partners with the highest number of Partner Points will be announced and rewarded.

5.The following prizes will be given to the winners.

1.1st prize $1,200 (one thousand two hundred US dollars)

2.2nd prize $600 (six hundred US dollars)

3.3rd prize $400 (four hundred US dollars)


6.A client is considered to be qualified when all of the following criteria are met:

1 Is a new client with a unique profile created and all documents are uploaded and verified.

2. minimum deposit is made into relevant trading account

3. minimum 3 trades placed over a period of the promotion

4.opening and closing price of the trades in mind shall deviate by minimum 3 pips from each other

5.no internal transfer may be used to fund relevant account

7.Qualified clients on Standard NDD account are equivalent to 1 Partner Point. Qualified clients on ECN NDD account are equivalent to 6 Partner Points.

8.A client with multiple profiles is considered to be a single client.


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