Indonesian trader wins MacBook Air as Word it Out OctaFX Special Choice award!


Word it Out ultimate winner is chosen! OctaFX jury cast their votes and today we congratulate Mr. Putro Setiobudi from Indonesia for winning brand new MacBook Air!

Mr. Putro has been trading with OctaFX since May 2013, and in his review, he enumerated nine OctaFX advantages and touched a subject of trust and overcoming hard times together, preserving loyalty. You can enjoy the best review here, and now it is time to hear from Mr. Putro Setiobudi directly!



You must be so excited to receive OctaFX Special Choice award! Tell us, how do you feel?
Yes I am. This is the biggest surprise that I received in this New Year 2014. I am very happy to know that OctaFX chose my experience as the best story.  Actually, it's beyond my expectation since I don't get high attention from readers. There are participant who got way more likes than me. But I still hoped because my story is coming from the true experience. What I wrote is what I feel, not just what I think. 

What inspired you to write a review?
That is You. Yes you, OctaFX, inspired me, because what I wrote is what I get from you as your client.  And I wanted to share it, so people will know all good thing about you.

What is your favorite OctaFX feature?
Local deposit, it's very interesting, helpful and smart innovation. Keep it good.
What do you expect from OctaFX in a coming year?
I do hope that OctaFX will keep creating innovative contests and promotions, which will have an effect on clients and involve new ones.

Is OctaFX helping to increase your profit?
Sure. OctaFX is my second job. I want to thank you for the opportunity.  

No words needed to prove that we are always happy to deliver services to our clients! OctaFX team would like to thank each participant, your every review brought us some food for thought, and motivated us to move forward!


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