MFX Broker IB Partners Contest Total Prize Fund $100000


MFX Broker IB Partners Contest “Golden Hundred” is an exclusive contest for IB partners of MFX Broker with the largest prize fund $100 000!

Link:  MFX Broker IB Partners Contest Total Prize Fund $100000

Contest offer: $1000 No Deposit Bonus For Forex Investors Only

Available to: All IB partners Account Only

Ending Date : Duration of the contest: 3 months.

Conditions of the contest

All IB partners of the company working according to Standard and Multi level programs are allowed for participation in the contest

The results are summarized on monthly basis after each round.

Prize fund is divided between prize places in the following place:

The 1st place $9650, the 2nd place $6150, the 3rd place $4000, the 4th place $3350, the 5th place $2650, the 6th place $2150, the 7th place $1850, the 8th place $1500, the 9th place $1200, the 10th place $850.

Rating is composed basing on the formula:

$1 of partner commission paid for trading results of client brought in within previous months = 1

$1 of a partner commission, paid for trading results of clients brought in within the current month (new clients) = 2 points

A client is considered to be a new one if he didn’t have any accounts with the company or hasn’t used his account for more than 3 months.

Trades of clients of all levels are taken into consideration.

Clients’ trades carried out in “Standard”, “Micro”, and “ECN” accounts are taken into account.

A partner, as usual, gets 100% of partner’s commission for all trades conducted by clients he brought in within the competition

Partner’s commission is taken into account for the purpose of points’ calculation only if received for trading of 3 or more attracted clients.

Clients’ bonus accounts participating in “$5 for account” special promotion ARE NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT during results summation.

The company reserves the right to cancel competition points given to an IB partially or in full in case it’s revealed that the Client Agreement and Partner Agreement were violated by the clients during their trading.


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