MFX Broker, Investors got profit for the second quarter of Georgians office functioning


Investors of Georgians office in Tbilisi, who invested money to establishment of MFX Broker’s office, got their 10% of investments for the second quarter of offices functioning!

Denis Kulagin, Head of MFX Broker Marketing department:

Offices in Georgia and Azerbaijan, which were the first to participate in Invest to MFX Broker offices program, demonstrated very good results, which inspired many investors to participate in the program and stimulated company to more field work of opening next offices. In February, 2014 a new office in Nizhni Novgorod was established, and this office is already one of active participants of citys financial life; on the base of the office the first city Traders Club was established. Next in turn are offices in Nigeria, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Invest to MFX Broker offices is a program of shared investments to MFX business, the participant of the program may be anyone. Investor puts up money at 30 50% per annum. At that the company guarantees high profitability at low risks. The guarantees are provided by the very market high profitable field of financial markets, and 7 year experience of the company and its image.

We remind that person from any country may be investor. At that the amount of deposit is defined by the investor himself.
Investment contribution for the office in Nizhni Novgorod lasts till April, 15 catch the opportunity to become investor!

We invite everybody to opening offices in other countries. Follow the companys news.

Invest to MFX Broker invest to your future!


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