Mike Tindall: Rugby Champion, First-Time Trader


A Champion Partnership
Mike Tindall is the star of Gloucester Rugby club and former captain of the English national team. As an accomplished athlete and player backs coach at Gloucester, Tindall is the ideal spokesman for UFXMarkets, which is known for its customized training and one on one coaching.

Who Is Mike Tindall?
Mike Tindall started his Rugby career straight out of school at the age of 18, playing for Bath. His early success brought him to Gloucester, where he soon rose to stardom. Not letting injuries stop him, Mike Tindall went on to play for England and for the Barbarians. His fans have watched over the years as he played in the Six Nations Championship, in the Heineken Cup, the Guinness Premiership and the Rugby World Cup.

An all around competitor, Mike Tindall came in 3rd place in the British Poker Open Tournament, and is married to Zara Phillips, daughter of the Princess Royal, and an equestrian champion in her own right.

Mike Tindall and UFXMarkets
"Forex and sports both always generate a buzz. Forex trading is a sport in itself. You do your homework, you do your in depth analysis on what you want to trade on, as we do with looking at opposition, how we’re going to attack, where we think we can get an edge.

That’s exactly the same as what they do on the markets. You try to find the edge and then you take a risk. You’ve got to put yourself out there and so you get that adrenaline buzz, that enjoyment factor. Especially when it pays off, you feel that everything that you worked for, the research you’ve done, gets you a win at the end. You get that same sort of gratification."

"One thing you get with sports people: they like to win. I think with shares and with Foreign Exchange, you can challenge yourself in a different way, to look at and analyze things, and try and find areas where you can get a win. And it all comes down to having that. Sportsmen, they enjoy winning, and I think you can get that from Foreign Exchange. With UFX, I’m looking forward to that. They’re going to help me learn about what research they do and how that works and then hopefully I’ll get a few wins myself."

Take a behind the scenes look at Tindall’s photo shoot for UFXMarkets on YouTube.


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