OctaFX announces partnership with PERSIB, Indonesia.


We have breaking news for our traders community – today, February 24, 2014, OctaFX held a press conference in Bandung, Indonesia, to announce the beginning of sponsorship for PERSIB – one of the most prominent football clubs in Indonesian League.  

With more than 40 reporters from the local media and PERSIB higher management present, OctaFX representative and Persib Bandung officials signed a sponsorship agreement, as to confirm OctaFX is now a proud sponsor of PERSIB in the season 2014. 

PERSIB’s way to success started in 1933, March 14, when the club was founded by merging several entities into one. After performing three times as runner up in State Competition 1933 in Surabaya, 1934 in Bandung, and 1936 in Solo, PERSIB became champion for the first time in 1939 in Solo.

Since its establishment, PERSIB Bandung has won various trophies, namely:

    • President Cup State Competition First Division in 1986, 1990, 1994
    • President Cup Indonesian League Competition I in 1994 1995
    • Indonesian Super League U 21 in 2010


For OctaFX this day will go down in history as a significant event. We consider Persib to be one of our most spectacular investments. By becoming the official sponsor of Persib Bandung, OctaFX demonstrates that global business can become truly local. We strongly believe in the development of sports activities in Indonesia and are happy to be the part of it.

«From now on OctaFX is excited to share PERSIB's glorious moments and make our contribution for the club's success» highlighted our company representative. 

Several Persib officials also made short welcoming statements. Kuswara S. Taryono started with a heartwarming words: “We are thankful and grateful for the trust OctaFX put into PERSIB. We hope this partnership can be beneficial to both parties".

PERSIB manager, Risha Adi Widjaya, expressed a wish to proceed the cooperation in the coming seasons, and as an answer OcaFX team expresses a hope that this partnership will lead both OctaFX and Persib to even more astonishing accomplishments, and both will achieve new goals.

Stay tuned to hear from the prominent players of PERSIB – I Made Wirawan, Firman Utina and Atep – as they will share some thoughts on motivation and dreams that eventually came true.


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