OctaFX congratulates PERSIB Bandung football team with 81st anniversary!


oday our partner, Indonesian football club PERSIB Bandung, celebrates its 81st anniversary! We are proud to present our congratulations to this exceptional team!

First of all, we would like to express how lucky we are to be a part of this Indonesian Football League season.  Referring to the number of titles in a long history of Indonesian football competition, Persib is considered as one of the most successful clubs in Indonesia and we wish it may last further.

Persib Bandung team has a great history of aspiration towards one common goal. The team went through tremendous changes since the day of establishing in 1933, but remained purposeful and victorious. Persib always hovers on the spearhead in the game and that is what OctaFX team calls a spirit!

We would like to say that we hope that chase for the title of Champions will be successfully over this season and we will be excited to share this achievement.  We wish PERSIB to preserve its unity and to remain strong – the team consists of the most talented players and we wish them to remember what brought them all together – the desire to win and to make a dream come true. 

We would also like to congratulate the management and the coaches and the whole supporters’ community, as well as all the people of Bandung and West Java, as certainly the date has special meaning for all of you.

Though 81 years is a great deal of time, PERSIB team remains the leader on the Indonesian football scene. We wish you all to stay integral, sustaining the harmony and cooperation between the team, management and your supporters. Let all planned commemorating events have friendly and festive atmosphere, as we are celebrating your 81st anniversary with every PERSIB supporter!  

You can read and see the inspiring retrospective here.


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