Round 23 OctaFX Champion winners will show you what persistence is!


Our most popular monthly demo contest “OctaFX Champion” brought yet another 1000USD straight to the traders’ accounts! 1515 contestants fought for the title and the prize and here are the names of Round 23 OctaFX Champion Demo Contest winners:

  •          1st place with the award of 500 USD goes to Mr. Nguyen Kim Dung from Vietnam
  •          2nd place with the award of 300 USD goes to Mr. Maman Sulaeman from Indonesia
  •          3rd place with the award of 100 USD goes to Mr. Diding Herdiansyah from Indonesia
  •          The last runner in the contest Mr. Mohd Faizul Haris from Malaysia is granted 100 USD.

Mr. Nguyen Kim Dung – the ultimate winner of this month performed both most profitable and most losing trade, establishing the idea of persistence and faith in one’s own abilities.

Here are some fresh ideas from our winners:

How do you feel being an OctaFX Champion?

1st place – Mr. Nguyen Kim Dung: My joy and my life is Forex, I feel happy to win
2nd place – Mr. Maman Sulaeman: Obviously I am very happy and proud to get the position of champion 2 of 1515 participants.
3rd place – Mr. Diding Herdiansyah: I was thrilled to find a broker that is in accordance with my expectations.

How involved in the contest you were – was it taking all of your time?

1st place – Mr. Nguyen Kim DungI trade in my all time and spend a lot of my time for study forex
2nd place – Mr. Maman Sulaeman: No, I'm trading my relaxing time on the sidelines.
3rd place – Mr. Diding Herdiansyah: of course not, I do Trading about 7 hours/day.

What is the key factor to your success? Why are you better than everyone else?

1st place – Mr. Nguyen Kim Dung: I do not feel better than others, perhaps in this contest luck was on my side, I was more in control in my trading and was not easily discouraged. I think has three keys to success in Forex trading. 1. Proper Trading System – means Proper Plan with good Risk Reward Raito 2. Proper money management without greediness 3. Patience. If you want to make effective plan you should make it as simple as possible.
2nd place – Mr. Maman Sulaeman: I always put Money Management and control of emotions for the open position of BUY or SELL.
3rd place – Mr. Diding Herdiansyah: I use money management, control my emotions.

What was your strategy? Have you developed a perfect plan or tried various techniques?

1st place – Mr. Nguyen Kim DungI used scalping trading techniques. I wish I could trade trends.
2nd place – Mr. Maman Sulaeman: I wear a technique I had learned before him.
3rd place – Mr. Diding Herdiansyah: I just use the standard strategy mt4.

What was your most spectacular gain? Have you encountered considerable loss?

1st place – Mr. Nguyen Kim Dung:a good trader? it is difficult. I have been involved in forex market three years. Time is not the problem. It is important that you have to take the heart on it.  
2nd place – Mr. Maman Sulaeman: I am familiar with the trading of the year 2011.
3rd place – Mr. Diding Herdiansyah: certainly in every individual is different to be good trader.

The last runner – Mr. Mohd Faizul Haris shared his thoughts on the contest:  
Next time, I would like to defeat another professional participants. I want to improve my skill until I get 1st prize in the next competition. Still, I gained new experience and knowledge. I learn discipline in trading, which is important. I know that I can improve my performance every day, though there is no holy grail technic how to be a professional. First thing to do is to be patient.

OctaFX would like to thank all the participant and remind everyone else that next time you can be one of OctaFX Champion Demo Contest winners! Don't let anything stop you from getting into the next Round of OctaFX Champion Demo Contest – prove yourself to be a successful and thoughtful trader, reach new heights, and get a reward you deserve – register in Round 25 OctaFX Champion Demo Contest!

Spend your luckiest days with OctaFX!


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