RVD Markets Contest Championship with a prize fund 100000 USD


RVD Markets Contest Championship 2015 with a prize fund 100'000 USD. The RVD Markets Contest Championship is organized by the RVD Markets Limited Company and is intended to popularize contests on real Trading accounts of the Company.

Link:  RVD Markets Contest Championship with a prize fund 100'000 USD

Contest Date: Contest starts on December 1, 2014 and will run till 28 February 2015

Contest offer: RVD Championship with a prize fund 100000 USD

Available to: All real Trading accounts

Prize fund: 100'000.00 USD

1 Place − 50'000.00 USD

2 Place − 20'000.00 USD

3 Place − 15'000.00 USD

4 Place − 10'000.00 USD

5 Place − 5'000.00 USD

Basic terms of Contest RVD Championship

    The name of the contest RVD Championship , hereinafter named Contest;

    The contest is organized by RVD Markets Limited, hereinafter named as the Company;

    The Contest duration is 3 months from the date of beginning;

    To register and take part in it can any Client of the Company during all period of carrying out contest;

    In the Contest can participate only participants over the age of majority;

    In contest can take part RVD ECN accounts opened during the contest with an initial Deposit of not less than 100 USD or its equivalent;

    Each participant can register one and more Trading accounts on the page of carrying out contest;

    Each participant agrees to provide real data during the registration. Providing fake data may result in disqualification from the Contest;

    In case if will be found Trading accounts with the same IP, but belonging to different Backoffices, all accounts of such Backoffices will be disqualified;

    Any kind of arbitrage trading or any other abuse with pricing and/or quotes will be subject to disqualification from the Contest;

    In case of opening big volume opposite orders with the same currency pairs in different trading accounts at approximately the same time, as well as the usage of failures in the quote flow for getting guaranteed profit, or any other kinds of cheating will be regarded as fraud;

    All trading techniques or EAs are allowed with the exception of those that use the techniques of fraud;

    The company reserves the right in case of detection any fraud, from the participant while making trading operations, to make his disqualification;

    All the current contest stats are available at RVD Markets contest website;

    Trading statistics of the registered at contest Trading accounts becomes available for public review;

    The statistics is displayed for all time of existence Trading account;

    The history of trading operations on the Trading account is displayed only from the moment of registration at contest and till time of the last update of statistics;

    Open positions and pending orders in public statistics do not appear;

    Updating of contest rating and statistics of Trading accounts occurs daily at 15 00 of server time MetaTrader 4;

    To the end date of the contest all open positions must be closed;

    The participant who showed the maximum absolute profit becomes the winner;

    Winners agree to publication of their names in the Company news;

    The prize winning amount deposited into Trading account of the participant can be used in trading, or withdrawn.


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