$30 Free Forex No Deposit Bonus the Oroku Edge new Account


For the initial 1000 traders, Oroku Edge is offering a Forex No Deposit Bonus of $30. This presents an exciting opportunity to begin trading without any personal financial risk.

The Oroku Edge $30 Forex Non-Deposit Bonus is a direct linking platform that offers a unique opportunity for traders.

Receive a $30 bonus without any deposit in Forex by creating and sharing a video showcasing Oroku Edge's latest Account Type, RAW. This offer is only available to the initial 1000 Traders and is subject to terms and conditions.

Get $30 in Free Forex No Deposit Bonus when you share a video promoting the Oroku Edge new Account. It's as easy as that! Simply make and share a video and the bonus will be yours. No obligations. Take advantage of this exciting deal and begin trading today. It's the perfect opportunity to start your trading experience without having to invest any money upfront. Don't pass up on this amazing chance to enhance your account with additional funds!

  1. Spread the word (FRESH ACCOUNT CATEGORY - UNEDITED) about 3 Oroku Edge Official social media posts:
  • Facebook: Oroku Edge Malaysia
  • Instagram**: orokuedge.my
  • TikTok: orokuedge.my

It is necessary to post on three different platforms, specifically Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Ensure that your profile is set to public.

  1. Enter your sharing details in the Google Form that has been given.
  2. The outcome of the Forex No Deposit Trading Bonus eligibility will be communicated through email, beginning on Thursday, February 15.
  3. The first 1000 participants who complete the "google form" and fulfill the requirements will be qualified to receive the ** Best Forex No Deposit Bonus.

Details of the $30 No Deposit Bonus from Oroku Edge Forex

The Oroku Edge No Deposit Forex Bonus is strictly intended for trading purposes and cannot be withdrawn without engaging in trading activities.

  • The highest amount for a Forex No Deposit Bonus is $30.
  • There are no restrictions on withdrawing profits.
  • The validity period for the Forex No Deposit Bonus is 7 days starting from the date of receiving it.

Oroku Edge LLC was established in accordance with the legislation of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, and is registered as 1099 LLC 2021. It is recognized as an International Business Company under the Limited Liability Companies Act, Chapter 151 of the Revised Laws of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines in 2009.

The Forex No Deposit Trading Bonus eligibility


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