Rewards Center with iPhone and Super Card Prizes at IEXS


IEXS Rewards is an impressive incentive that sets off on a voyage towards success and opulence through IEXS' distinct points program. Accumulate points for every transaction.

Get Exclusive Promotional Information Earn Forex Trading Incentives with a Card and iPhone

Details of the Forex Trading Bonus offered by IEXS Rewards

Welcome to IEXS, the ultimate destination for exceptional trading experiences. We are excited to introduce an innovative points program exclusively for our active users. This unique opportunity not only offers financial benefits, but also grants access to a world of lavish rewards and additional perks. Participating in this points program is straightforward. Simply deposit funds into your account and start trading foreign exchange, metals, and energy to earn points based on your transaction volume. For every 1 standard lot traded, you will receive 100 points. These points not only unlock additional rewards, but also provide valuable feedback to enhance your overall trading experience.

Advantages of the Updated Incentive

Users can exchange their accumulated points for rewards, with a maximum value of $12,500. This means that successful trades can bring tangible benefits that go beyond just financial gains. At IEXS, users are generously rewarded, making each trade not only profitable but also enriching in various aspects.

Steps to participate in the promotion

  1. Sign in to your IEXS trading account.
  2. Go to the deposit section and start your initial deposit.
  3. Verify that your account qualifies for the promotion by reviewing the terms and conditions.
  4. Receive 100 points for every 1 standard lot traded, paving the way for profitable incentives.
  5. Explore the various rewards that can be redeemed, including additional perks and a grand prize of up to $12,500.


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Terms and Conditions for IEXS Rewards Center

The terms and conditions have not been explicitly stated by the broker, however it is advised to carefully review the description and adhere to their standard terms and conditions.


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