Octa Champion MT4 Demo Contest and Stand Chance to Win $500


Participate in the Octa Champion MT4 Demo Contest and have the opportunity to win $500! Enhance your trading abilities without any risks, compete against traders from all over the world, and claim the prize.

Join the Octa MT4 Champion Demo Contest with a prize of $500 by following this Direct Connecting Link

Octa's Forex Champion Demo Contest - What is it?

The Champion MT4 Demo Contest by OctaFX is a month-long trading competition on the MT4 platform using demo accounts, where traders can win cash prizes. The winner will be determined by the highest balance at the end of the competition, with the following top four traders also receiving cash prizes. To participate, individuals must register for each round, provide accurate information, and trade fairly. Prizes must be claimed within a month of the contest's end, and if there are ties, the prizes will be divided equally. OctaFX has the right to disqualify any participants found engaging in fraudulent activities. For more information, refer to the detailed terms and conditions on the OctaFX website.

Awards for the Demo Competition

  • The first place winner will receive a prize of 500 USD.
  • The second place winner will be awarded 300 USD.
  • A prize of 100 USD will be given to the third place winner.
  • The fourth place winner will receive 60 USD.
  • Lastly, the fifth place winner will be given a prize of 40 USD.

Guide to joining the upcoming round

  • Gain access to Octa by logging in or creating an account
  • Create a new account for the Champion contest
  • Choose between downloading the MT4 trading platform or using the browser version
  • Use the tender account to start trading on MT4 from 8 Apr onwards
  • Achieve the highest balance and be eligible to win a prize!

Terms and Conditions for the Champion Demo Contest

  1. Competition Name: The OctaFX Champion competition is managed by Octa Markets Incorporated.
  2. Duration: The competition runs for a month from the designated start date to the end date.
  3. Registration: Announcement for registration is made before the start of the competition, allowing individuals of legal age to participate within the given timeframe.
  4. Prizes: The top five participants will receive cash prizes as follows: 1st place - $500, 2nd place - $300, 3rd place - $100, 4th place - $60, and 5th place - $40.
  5. Participant Requirements: Participants must register a new demo account for each round of the competition and provide authentic information during the registration process. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  6. Disqualification: The Company holds the right to disqualify any participant who violates the rules, such as IP matching or engaging in arbitration negotiations.
  7. Trading Conditions: The contest accounts have the same conditions as OctaFX MT4 accounts, with an initial deposit of $1,000, leverage of 1:500, and no limit on the maximum volume.
  8. Trading Guidelines: All trading techniques and EAs are permitted, and cryptocurrency orders can be opened and closed over the weekend.
  9. Results and Prizes: The participant with the highest balance at the end of the competition will be declared the winner, and the names of the winners will be published on social media and the OctaFX website.
  10. Prize Claim: Winners must claim their prize within one month after the competition ends, and the prizes will be deposited into the winner's Wallet and can be withdrawn.
  11. Equal Balances: In case of multiple winners with equal balances, the prize will be divided equally among them.
  12. Disqualification of Prize: The Company reserves the right to revoke any prizes in the event of fraudulent transactions with the prize funds, supported by evidence.
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