Benefits of the NordFX Margin Call Special Bonus offer


Discover the benefits of the NordFX Margin Call Bonus and how it can enhance your trading experience by taking advantage of this promotional offer from NordFX. Gain a comprehensive understanding of this bonus and how to make the most of it.

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The Margin Call Bonus from NordFX serves as a protective measure for traders when faced with difficult market situations. This bonus gradually increases over time, serving as a financial buffer to assist traders in managing turbulent periods without encountering margin calls. This distinctive aspect brings a sense of security, enabling traders to concentrate on their strategies without the constant fear of unforeseen losses depleting their funds. The Margin Call Bonus is a clear demonstration of NordFX's dedication to assisting its clients and promoting a favorable trading atmosphere.

The nearing exhaustion of funds in your trading account is an indication of potential risk. It is important to either add funds to the account or close any unsuccessful trades. Failure to do so may result in the liquidation of your positions, leading to significant losses. Could this be viewed as a catastrophic event?

When a Margin Call occurs, it offers extra funds to sustain ongoing trading positions and keep trading actively.

What are the prerequisites for obtaining the Margin Call Bonus?

The first step.

Upgrade to a Pro Account.

Second Step.

To participate in the Margin Call Bonus program, please submit an application.

Third Step.

Boost your bonus by trading and expanding its amount.

Fourth Step.

In the event of a Margin Call, please make a request for the bonus to be accumulated.

Margin Call Bonus

The Margin Call Bonus is an exclusive insurance bonus that gathers over time to offer assistance in challenging circumstances.

Explaining Margin Calls

In financial markets, a margin call is when a broker or lender requires an investor to add more funds or securities to their account in order to cover possible losses on a current position.

The approach of an important limit in the decrease of your trading account can be seen as an alert. To prevent potential losses, you have two options: add more funds to your account or close any positions that are not doing well. If you fail to take action, your positions will be liquidated and you may face financial losses. Is this something you view as a disaster?

Require aid? The Margin Call Bonus is available to provide assistance!

In the event of a Margin Call, additional funds are provided to support ongoing trading activities and keep trading positions open.


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